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The Attorney General And New York City Department Of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Julie Menin Offer Tips To Avoid Hazardous…

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No Dookies to Speak of–Just a Lot to be Thankful For

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A year ago today I was a bundle of nerves.  It was the day before Thanksgiving and I got up and went to Walmart to buy cleaning supplies.  I wandered around the store aimlessly but somehow managed to buy a mop, bucket, broom, dustpan, sponges, cloths, many other items, Windex, Lysol and almost every other cleaning fluid known to man, and a cleaning caddy to carry everything around in.  The previous sixteen months had been particularly challenging and included among other things two 10-day stays in the hospital and surgery. At 2:00pm that day I arrived in New City and…

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Some See Digust, I See a Teaching and Learning Opportunity

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A tip of the hat to Bruce Simon for sharing this on Facebook: Friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, I'm all for free speech and open dialogue, but sometimes, you need to call someone out. XXXX XXXXXXX, thanks for sharing this, so EVERYONE knows who you are and where you're coming from. “The attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem was not a “terror attack” nor were the victims “civilians”. The attack was an act of resistance against a monolithic genocidal entity that seeks to wipe out the Palestinian people and take every last inch of their land." Bruce refers to a…

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Major Disheartening Dookies in Local Elections

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I generally don't publicly endorse or oppose candidates for elected office.  We offer to publish factual information that is sent to us; some candidates send us something, others choose not to; their choice but we publish what we get and include a disclaimer that clearly states our neutrality.   My stance is that most voters are astute enough to make an informed choice.  Although I do have my opinions and in many instances I know the candidates better than many, you won't see election signs on my lawn and it's my choice to remain neutral on elections in my publications although…

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