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Grill Your Way Into Fall

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(Family Features) The weather is getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean grilling season has to burn out. In fact, according…

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The Ward System Will Skim Many but Not All of the Dookies Out of Ramapo’s Pool

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Some people reading this aren’t going to like what I have to say because as it turns out, they are part of the problem.  I can live with that and as always I openly invite spirited debate and will provide equal time as space to anyone with a differing view.  While personally I fully support the Ward System because in my opinion it will foster far more accountability and is a positive step in the right direction, I don’t for a moment think that it will be the panacea that people seem to think it will be. My personal belief…

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Melissa Reimer & The Town of Ramapo: It’s Time to Allow the Justice System to Work

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I first met Melissa Reimer at a friend’s party earlier this year.  I didn’t know who she was and with no pre-conceived notions or bias, I got to know her and thoroughly enjoyed talking with her.  Intelligent, caring, attractive and a great sense of humor are the first four attributes that come to mind. Since that day I have gotten to know Ms. Reimer better.  Almost every time I have spoken with her, I end up with a splitting headache.  She’s not loud and she certainly isn’t boring; the headache is because I laugh so hard that my head hurts.  She…

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Too Many Dookies in the Pool to Count but the Orange Avenue Project Needs the Cooperation of All Parties and a Fair Resolution for Future Generations

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By Richard Gandon I don’t love the Orange Avenue project in Suffern.  I’ve said before that I thought it was better than what is currently there now but I don’t love it.  I am really not a fan of PILOTs, and not at all familiar with a PILOT for luxury residential apartments but I understand that they are sometimes necessary in order to create or retain jobs, jump start revitalization and attract investment. Personally, I would like to see retail at street level and the original height of the project, while an issue for some, wasn’t a factor for me. …

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