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Grill Your Way Into Fall

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(Family Features) The weather is getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean grilling season has to burn out. In fact, according…

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The Ward Vote is the Most Important Local Vote of Our Generation

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In years to come, perhaps five, ten or more years down the road most of us will probably be asked “What did you do during the Town of Ramapo Ward vote?” Those asking will probably be our children and possibly grandchildren. What you do, or don’t do tomorrow will ultimately determine how you are going to be able to honestly answer this question. The question may be posed a little differently; it could be: “How come we have to move away from the town where I grew up?” Or “Why do our schools that once ranked at the top now…

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Ward Referendum: Clarification From Councilwoman Logan-Charles, Rabbis Decline Invitation to Discuss their Mailer

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Can we begin to have an honest, open conversation about two very similar topics that some people may find difficult to discuss? Anti-semitism and race. Before I get started, this is my blog--my opinion and I include a blurb about this way down at the very bottom.  This installment is a little different in that I am including a conversation that I had to clarify a few points and share the opinions of Town of Ramapo Councilwoman Brendel Logan-Charles. Yesterday saw two different groups opposed to the Ward System Referendum having their viewpoints aired. Exhibit 1: A mailer that went…

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The Ward System Will Skim Many but Not All of the Dookies Out of Ramapo’s Pool

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Some people reading this aren’t going to like what I have to say because as it turns out, they are part of the problem.  I can live with that and as always I openly invite spirited debate and will provide equal time as space to anyone with a differing view.  While personally I fully support the Ward System because in my opinion it will foster far more accountability and is a positive step in the right direction, I don’t for a moment think that it will be the panacea that people seem to think it will be. My personal belief…

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