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Wineries Speak Up About the Benefits of Using Natural Cork

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(NewsUSA) - A growing list of leading wineries, including St. Francis, Bogle and Fetzer, are speaking up about the benefits…

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Many Dookies to Go Around in the Ward Election But Common Ground Must be Found

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The voting in what I consider to be the most important local election of this generation has ended.  The machines have been impounded by a court order and I suspect the real fight has yet to begin. We know of some of the tactics that have been employed and we called wrongdoers out on them--on both sides.  I think some of these efforts may have backfired as people were incensed and I believe this provided additional motivation for people to go to the polls.  The response from the Rockland County Board of Elections and law enforcement agencies on this issue…

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The Ward Vote is the Most Important Local Vote of Our Generation

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In years to come, perhaps five, ten or more years down the road most of us will probably be asked “What did you do during the Town of Ramapo Ward vote?” Those asking will probably be our children and possibly grandchildren. What you do, or don’t do tomorrow will ultimately determine how you are going to be able to honestly answer this question. The question may be posed a little differently; it could be: “How come we have to move away from the town where I grew up?” Or “Why do our schools that once ranked at the top now…

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Ward Referendum: Clarification From Councilwoman Logan-Charles, Rabbis Decline Invitation to Discuss their Mailer

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Can we begin to have an honest, open conversation about two very similar topics that some people may find difficult to discuss? Anti-semitism and race. Before I get started, this is my blog--my opinion and I include a blurb about this way down at the very bottom.  This installment is a little different in that I am including a conversation that I had to clarify a few points and share the opinions of Town of Ramapo Councilwoman Brendel Logan-Charles. Yesterday saw two different groups opposed to the Ward System Referendum having their viewpoints aired. Exhibit 1: A mailer that went…

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