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Bring Gluten-Free Brookies to Back-to-School Events

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(Family Features) The end of summer marks the beginning of the busy back-to-school season. From PTA meetings and fundraisers to…

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Melissa Reimer & The Town of Ramapo: It’s Time to Allow the Justice System to Work

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I first met Melissa Reimer at a friend’s party earlier this year.  I didn’t know who she was and with no pre-conceived notions or bias, I got to know her and thoroughly enjoyed talking with her.  Intelligent, caring, attractive and a great sense of humor are the first four attributes that come to mind. Since that day I have gotten to know Ms. Reimer better.  Almost every time I have spoken with her, I end up with a splitting headache.  She’s not loud and she certainly isn’t boring; the headache is because I laugh so hard that my head hurts.  She…

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Too Many Dookies in the Pool to Count but the Orange Avenue Project Needs the Cooperation of All Parties and a Fair Resolution for Future Generations

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By Richard Gandon I don’t love the Orange Avenue project in Suffern.  I’ve said before that I thought it was better than what is currently there now but I don’t love it.  I am really not a fan of PILOTs, and not at all familiar with a PILOT for luxury residential apartments but I understand that they are sometimes necessary in order to create or retain jobs, jump start revitalization and attract investment. Personally, I would like to see retail at street level and the original height of the project, while an issue for some, wasn’t a factor for me. …

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Too Many Dookies in Airmont’s Pool, and an Elected ‘Official’ Decides to Threaten Me

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by Richard Gandon Is it not inherent upon our elected officials that they seek out the absolute best deal for taxpayers?  We are on an unsustainable fiscal path in this country and I can now clearly see why.  The situation in Airmont has really gotten my blood boiling and I don't even live there.  Those that I have spoken with who do live there are beyond livid. If a village can possibly save $2 million a year on anything, do elected officials not have an obligation to investigate? The village of Airmont currently pays the town of Ramapo $4.7 million…

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