Small Business Funding Sources

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The current issue of Inc Magazine features Marcus Lemonis, star od the CNBC hit show The Prophet.  Interesting read

however one of the most telling factoids is that there are 40,000 small businesses across the country looking to Marcus to help them out.

Money is often an issue followed by expertise, both of which Lemonis dishes out in healthy doses.  For business financing, there are a variety of sources as this article points out:

From Small Business trends by by TJ McCue

Most small business owners can identify with the challenges of getting financing for their business or funding for a new product. There’s no short, easy road to funding, most of the time, but these small business funding resources can help.

Kabbage has to be the most unique small business funding source found recently. They have created a powerful platform that, in my understanding, is creating a real-life look at how your business is doing to help you grow it.

They don’t only look at credit scores, as so many traditional lenders do. They look at things like your Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, or Intuit QuickBooks account to figure out if you qualify and how much of a credit line you can receive. It is impressive.
Kiva Zip

Another innovative program and approach is found with Kiva, the microfinance platform. Etsy wrote about it. There is official information about zero interest (0%) with the Kiva Zip program (in Alpha, not even in Beta), and success stories on the main page.
The Lending Club

The Lending Club is a name that many consumers and business owners have heard before, but it is a site worth checking. Their peer-to-peer approach has taken the banking world by storm and it looks likely to continue in the business loan sector.
SmartBiz SBA Loans

SmartBiz SBA Loans ($5,000 – $150,000) is a small business lender, but one thatpromises a much better process than traditional banks, on SBA type loans. If you’ve ever gone through the SBA formal process, you know that it is rather comprehensive.

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